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Field Placements

As the Missouri performance site for the Midwestern Public Health Training Center the Heartland Center is able to fund up to five students each year to complete an internship at a public health organization in Missouri.  Each student receives a $3,500 stipend in return for completing a 175 hour project for a public health organization. 

 If your organization has a project that is in need of a MPH student, please contact Alyssa Coleman alyssa.coleman@slu.edu .

If you are a student with an unpaid internship and would like to apply please fill out the APPLICATION.

Past projects have included:

  • Implementation of a community health improvement plan
  • Monitor and promote legislation related to long term care 
  • Analysis of community health needs assessment data
  • Coordination of a  doula certifications and trainings program
  • Fostering a community-based partnership with the Metro Market
  • Development of a performance management system
  • Evaluation of substance abuse disorder services offered

Student Fellowship / Story of Impact

The projects that I focused on were impactful for the City of St. Louis Department of Health because I was able to provide assistance where needed which allowed for activities to run more efficiently and hopefully, more effectively. Additionally, these projects were impactful for their target audiences because they provided much needed services to a medically underserved population in the form of blood testing and health education. These projects were also impactful for me because I worked with other disciplines to complete them, which introduced me to another piece of public health programming. Among others, I worked alongside nurses, entrepreneurs, and dieticians, all of whom contributed to my understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of public health.